Using Hello Kitty SVG to make a lovely DIY mask

Two pieces were of cloth 8 inch wide and 8½ inches long. (I wish to use two different fabrics so that it’s easy to recollect which side faces out when wearing multiple times.) My head is little, so I cut my pieces slightly smaller than Dana’s pattern. (I rarely prewash fabric for other projects, but I did prewash all of my material I exploit for creating face masks.)

Two 6″ long pieces of sentimental elastic because that faces, ear placement, cheekbones, nose-size are different on all people. I feel it’s better to possess elastic on two site longer and cut it after finish it’s to figure with an elastic that’s too short.

Place fabric along with elastic string at eight inch long.

The elastic is far shorter than the edges of the material pieces. Once the elastics are pinned in situ, fabric pieces will bunch abreast of the advantages.

You are sewing your DIY Fabric Face Masks, iron the hello kitty heat transfer pattern etc.

Wait… is it too complicated?

We have the most straightforward method, open your hello kitty SVG and save as a PNG file, adjust the dimensions to suit a mask.

Upload the PNG to any Print on Demand platforms like Pritify, RedBubble, they’re going to print and delivery to your door.

Simple, right?