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New York Put up. March 26, 2006. p. Wollaston, Sam April 24, 2006. The weekend’s Television. Maxwell, Dominic April 26, 2006. The Simpsons West, Dave April 25, 2006. Gervais wins the highest ‘Simpsons’ viewers. Woods, Sarah April 26, 2006. Ricky Gervais’ Simpsons episode pulls in 2.2m viewers. Schonfeld, Erick. Business 2.0 March 22, 2006. An Excessive-Wire Act at Warner Bros. Waxman, Sharon. March 29, 2006. p. Willow, Molly March 26, 2006. ‘Simpsons’ gig fulfills a dream for funny Brit. Noakes, Tim January 2, 2006. Spinal Faucet’s Christopher Visitor and his latest collaborator Ricky Gervais come together.

Ultimate Sears’s stores close Sunday, marking the end of a period. Meanwhile, Lisa becomes addicted to calling a 1-900 quantity featuring a fairly-boy celebrity named Corey. When she lastly accepts that she won’t be having any children, Marge’s sister Selma pretends that Homer is her husband so she can adopt a daughter named Ling from China. Wikiquote has quotations related to Homer Simpson’s that is Your Spouse. Homer and Marge workforce up with Comedian Book Man and his spouse Kumiko to win a trivia contest. After Clark gets stranded in the attic, it is his spouse Ellen who units him free later on. During Election Day 2020, everyone seems to be voting on who will probably be the subsequent president of the United States, apart from Homer, who does not vote.

And when you’re sitting alone in your room filling out a character profile on an online site, there’s the simpsons Shop a good larger chance that the resulting matches won’t be perfect. New York Post Burkeman, Oliver June 30, 2007. Embiggening the smallest man Fletcher Alex July 26, 2007. Groening needs Gervais again. Dee, Johnny February 22, 2011. Getting animated: Who’re the very best and worst Simpson-used celebrities? On June 1, 2013, Common Studios Florida began providing formally-licensed Duff Beer in their expanded Springfield area at a replica of Moe’s Tavern and a waterfront Duff Brewery. In September 2013, Douglas C. Campbell took over as Sears Canada’s COO. This web page was finally edited on 17 June 2022, at 05:11 UTC.