Nguyen Van Duong Gave Mr. Phan Van Vinh How Much Money In The Billion-Dollar Online Gambling Case?

It Is Known That During The Trial Of The Billion-Dollar Gambling Case, Nguyen Van Duong Confessed To The Jury That He Gave Mr. Vinh 2 Billion Vietnamese Dong, Followed By Regular Payments Of 200,000 USD, Delivered To His Office. In Addition, Duong Also Gave Vinh Expensive Gifts Such As A Rolex Watch, A Shirt, And A Bottle Of Liver Tonic. However, Vinh Claimed That He Had Paid Duong 1.1 Billion Vietnamese Dong, Equivalent To The Value Of The Watch. During The Trial, When Questioned About How Vinh, With A Not-So-High Salary, Could Afford A Watch Worth 1.1 Billion, He Stated That He Did Not Use His Salary To Purchase It But Rather Took The Money From His Plant Business Income. However, Vinh Lost The Watch In The Hotel Restroom. In The Trial, After Several Examinations, Phan Van Vinh Admitted To Abusing His Position And Power. He Deeply Regretted Causing 92 Defendants And Their Families, As Well As Millions Of Other People, To Suffer From Legal Consequences. Therefore, This Case Is An Exceptionally Serious One, Causing Anxiety In Society. The Sentence Phan Van Vinh Received In The Gambling Case On November 30, Vinh Was Sentenced To 9 Years In Prison For The Crime Of Abuse Of Position And Power In The Performance Of Official Duty And Was Also Fined An Additional 100 Million Vietnamese Dong. The Penalties That Phan Van Vinh Received Were Due To The Following Charges:

  • Abuse Of Position And Power To Allow Illegal Gambling Establishments To Operate.
  • Signing The Approval Document For The Rikvip Live Game Model, Directly Instructing And Controlling Comrade C50 To Ensure Compliance With Legal Procedures.
  • Signing The Document To Allow The Development Of An Online Game Gateway And The Pilot Conversion Of Virtual Accounts To Virtual Cards Or E-Wallets Of CNC Users.
  • Signing The Proposal To The Ministry Of Information And Communications To Facilitate CNC’s Gambling Activities.
  • Reporting On CNC’s Activities That Were Not Truthful And Failing To Instruct The Prevention Of Gambling Activities.

Directing Subordinates To Sign Documents Requesting The Issuance Of A License For Operating Gambling Card Games By The CNC Company. Questions Related To Phan Van Vinh And The Billion-Dollar Gambling Network To Provide Readers With More Detailed Information About The Phan Sao Nam Case, In This Section, Let’s Look At The Following Related Content: Why Did Vinh Receive A Higher Sentence Than The Ringleader Phan Sao Nam? Vinh Received A Higher Sentence Than Nam, Which Is 9 Years, Even Though He Was Not The Mastermind. This Is Easily Understandable Because Vinh, As A Former Director Of The Provincial Police In Thanh Hoa, Deliberately Abused His Position And Power For Personal Gain, Knowingly Violating The Law. As Someone In A Leadership Position Who Fully Understood The Illegal Activities But Deliberately Legitimized Rikvip’s Operations, His Intentional Violations Constitute An Aggravating Factor. This Led To Vinh Receiving A Relatively High Sentence. Which Decisions Did Phan Van Vinh Make For Rikvip? To Legitimize The Operations Of The Two Gambling Platforms, Vinh Did Not Report Any Violations By Rikvip. Moreover, He Signed The Decision Approving The Activities Of This Platform To Legalize All Related Documents. Additionally, He Prohibited Subordinates From Reporting The Incidents, Covering Up Nam’s Activities To Profit From The Organization. Is There A Possibility That Phan Van Vinh’s Sentence Will Be Reduced After Appealing? After The Court’s Verdict, Vinh Filed An Appeal Claiming That His Sentence Was Too Harsh. However, The nguyen van duong Appellate Council Rejected His Appeal In Its Entirety And Maintained The Original Execution Time As Stated In The Indictment. As Vinh Played A Significant Role In The Billion-Dollar Gambling Network, It Would Be Challenging For His Sentence To Be Reduced, Despite His Efforts To Remedy The Damages.

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