How much a trader earn per day: Revealed

In 99% of cases, the task of a novice trader is to earn as much money as possible on Forex. A focus on financial achievements does not allow the main thing to be done to delve into the essence of trade and understand its laws. Anyway. Let’s digress a bit from the philosophy of forex and talk about the material aspect – money.

So how much does a trader earn?

You can find out the exact figure only if you engage in trade yourself. Disappointed? – Do not rush to get upset. Each person has his own achievements on the accounts of trader profit and losses: one manages to earn a hundred a month, another – ten thousand, and the third from the first days on Forex gets into debt to the very “ears”.

Factors Affecting Profit

To be more precise, there are a number of factors that determine the total profit of a trader:

Market situation

It happens to be impossible to forecast how the market will behave today, tomorrow or in a week. Sometimes it turns out to “hook” several profitable deals in one day. And there are periods of stagnation when you have to wait 5-7 days for a profitable deal.

2) Risk level

Forex risk is always present, but its degree may be different. Some traders are ready to stake all their savings, while others are satisfied with small amounts, carefully scrutinizing the likely risks. It is very important on whose behalf you are acting. If on your own, then the possibilities for risks are endless – it all depends on the limits of the wallet. When working for an investor, restrictions appear, and they must be reckoned with. An investor can be very economical.

3) Personal qualities of a trader Success in the forex market

Depends on the person himself. Balanced individuals who can think and analyze can in the long run count on good incomes. Nervous, greedy and evil people do not succeed anywhere. And forex trading is no exception.


The conclusion will not be comforting for beginners: investing $ 10 will not earn $ 10,000 per year. This is 1000% profit. Even the greatest trading gurus do not dream of this. Of course, the element of luck is always present It is always floating. But to have a constant and high income is real. To do this, you need to study, invest a lot of money and work. Then everything will be fine. Believe me.