World of Warcraft classic: Reputations in WOW Classic: Zone and Dungeons Reputations

These reputations concern factions that are present in high-level areas the end-game dungeons. There are four zone or dungeons reputations in the game, namely Argent Dawn, Shen’dralar, Timbermaw Hold and Thorium Brotherhood.

The Argent Dawn is a well-known faction in Azeroth, their main settlements are present in the Eastern and Western Plaguelands. This is due to the fact that the faction was created thanks to the combined efforts of the Alliance and the Horde to destroy the Scourge and free Azeroth. You can gain reputation with this faction by completing quests in the Plaguelands, killing undead creatures in the eastern or western Plaguelands, farming Scholomance & Stratholme, turning in scourgestone and completing Cauldron quests in the western Plaguelands. You must chose the way you collect reputation depending on your level with the faction.

The Shen’dralar are a faction of Highborne Night Elves who dwelve in the Dire Maul area. You can gain reputation with this faction by turning in Librams and Class Books; you gain 500 reputation points for each of the items you turn in. This faction rewards you with items from quests and Arcanums such as Arcanum of Focus, Arcanum of Protection Icon Arcanum of Protection, Arcanum of Rapidity Icon Arcanum of Rapidity.

Timbermaw Hold is composed of Furbolgs who escaped the corruption of Felwood by fleeing into the caves that connect Felwood, Winterspring, and Moonglade. You can gain reputation with this faction by completing the introduction quests in order to prove yourself to the tribe, killing Deadwood Furbolgs in Felwood, killing winterfall Furbolgs in Winterspring and collecting materials in order to complete the repeatable quests.

The Thorium Brotherhood is a Dwarf faction who have seceded from the Dark Iron Clan. They reside at the Thorium Point and are known for their artisanship. You can gain reputation with the Brotherhood by completing quests related to the faction at the Searing Gorge or bringing materials for the repeatable quests of the faction.

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