Using Hello Kitty SVG to make crafts that cheer up peoples during the pandemic

Due to the effects of the new coronavirus infection, Japan has been a little weak recently.

And now let’s see how a small city using Hello Kitty SVG to décor their city and blow away the gloomy of pandemic

At that time, in Hiji Town, which declared “Hello Kitty and Living Town,” Hello Kitty, the town’s “Town Promotion Project Leader,” made a serious proposal to the city.

“I want to bring energy and smiles to everyone because of this time!”

Based on this proposal from Hello Kitty, the “With Hello Kitty Project” has started to cheer up Japan’s whole from Hiji Town.

As the first project, we made a heartwarming short movie to bring energy and smiles to people all over Japan.

The story is set in Hiji Town, and starring Hello Kitty and Hiji Townspeople!

Hiji Town and Sanrio Entertainment Co., Ltd. aim to revitalize Hiji Town by utilizing the characters of Sanrio, including Hello Kitty, which is highly recognized worldwide, to attract tourists and promote the settlement of younger generations. We have concluded a basic agreement to work on the collaborative business.

At the same time, Hello Kitty has been appointed as the “Hiji Town Promotion Project Leader”. We are promoting a town promotion business utilizing Hello Kitty under a contract with Sanrio Co., Ltd.

We will continue to implement initiatives with the catchphrase “Hello Kitty and Living Town Elbow” so that you will want to visit, live, and continue to live in Hiji Town.