The Best Sunglasses for Your Face Type

Sunglasses are not just an addition to your accessories, but it is also a great way to reduce potential issues from radiation, implement balance to your image and reduce overall fatigue.

Of course, we recommend you to get the ones that will fit your face to ensure that you look fabulous while getting enough protection you deserve.

The easiest way to find the ones that will provide you an appealing perspective is by choosing based on your head shape.

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However, some people do not know how to determine their face type.

How Should You Determine Your Face Shape?

You will need a piece of soap, lipstick, washable marker, or pencil for this particular experiment. Start by standing in front of a mirror at arm’s length. The main goal is to stand as still as possible and try to outline your face on the mirror’s surface.

It is vital to start with your chin and end with a hairline. As soon as you finish, you will determine the exact shape by analysing your drawing. Each form comes with different sunglass options you should get to ensure that you reach the desired appearance.

1.     Round

If you have a round shape, the main goal is to find shades that will help you lengthen it, so find the ones that feature dark frames. Since they will bring your contours into an oval shape and narrow it down, you can achieve the best appearance possible.

We recommend you find a frame that features greater width than height because you can balance out your proportions.

2.     Oval

When it comes to oval face, the main idea is to find the ones that will balance your proportions without disturbing the current appeal. It is vital to avoid massive glasses, but find wider frames than your face to achieve perfect harmony.

At the same time, the upper part should be in line with your brows to prevent potential problems.

3.     Square

Having a square type means that it would be best to avoid similar frames while choosing shades for your enjoyment. Instead, we recommend you get rounded edges to soften your facial proportions while providing you with the desired balance.

4.     Rectangular

If you have a rectangular face shape, you can rest assured because the main goal should be to make it more comprehensive than it already is. Therefore, we recommend you to get massive-looking and large glasses that will provide you peace of mind.

When it comes to lenses, you should find the ones with transparent colours that will match your skin tone, which is vital to remember.

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5.     Heart-Shaped

Finally, having a heart-shaped head means that your lower parts are bulkier, while the upper part is smaller. Therefore, it would be best to avoid massive-looking glasses because you will create an unbalanced perspective.

Instead, you should choose the ones that will match your face’s width, such as Aviators or teardrop-shaped design.