Is blockchain technology is good for online poker?

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Furthermore, you can make use of blockchain technology for transactions, continue reading to know more.

Insights of blockchain technology in online poker gaming sites:

Cryptocurrencies are the subject of severe media interests. It comes in the light of dramatic ascend in Ethereum (ETH) and bitcoin (BTC) over the past few years. However, the simplest and the most popular underlying way is blockchain technology.  It has the potential to change the way of exchanging the value of something.

Talking about its core, the blockchain technology is simply a tome of transactions.  The ledger (tome) makes it unique as it creates thousands or millions of copies. For instance, if one wants to transfer 1ETH to an account, he has to submit a transaction to the network.  Thus, the blockchain platform is able to verify that 1 ETH is move from the account. After verification of the transaction, all computer networks update their copy of the ledger to show the change.

Therefore, one does not have to worry about fraudulent transactions. However other computers in the network will reject it. Advantageously, the whole transaction takes place without confirmations of third parties like a bank. When one transfer fund to someone automatically network verifies is for completion. Not only, provide extreme security (since there is no hand of third parties). However, it reduces the miscellaneous costs since there is no third party is who needs extra charges for its services.

The blockchain technology takes innovative technology one step further by developing smart contract. The smart contract is an intelligent agent that manages the transaction process.

How blockchain technology does help in online poker?

Besides, depositing money direct to idn spin online poker sites, using smart contracts you can keep control of your own wallet. If you want to bet in a tournament that costs 1 ETH. You have to send 1 ETH from your digital wallet to smart contract. Thus you can join that tournament which holds solid proof of documents. Moreover, you don’t win any money from the session it distributes that amount to other winners.  In case you win, smart contracts collect your all winnings into your account.

Thus, there is no hand of third parties.  Furthermore, all amounts will send from one player to another with an encrypted network. Importantly, smart contracts are just like blockchain transactions. Entire community checked it, as it is safe for poker online games.