How Do I Find My Employee’s EIN?

An employer identification number — also known as an EIN or federal tax identification number — is a unique numerical designation assigned by the IRS mainly for tax purposes to businesses. The EIN of your company for your corporation is like a Social Security number, and hence very essential. Much when you intend to organize your company or form an LLC, securing your EIN is a crucial move in setting up your business.

Having an EIN is a legal necessity for individual businesses, but there are several exceptions. If you’re launching your company, you might have any concerns about how to apply for an EIN, or where to find your tax identification number if you’ve already been given one. Additionally, as small businesses, you may be in a role where you may want to look up the EIN of another company.

What Is An Employee Identification Number, And What Purpose Is It For?

As already mentioned, the EIN is a unique numerical identifier assigned by the IRS to you. The main objective of an EIN is to classify taxpayers who are expected to file specific business tax returns with the IRS. Not all company needs to get an EIN, but there are some requirements you need to clear to make confident you don’t need an EIN.

If you answer “yes” to any of these questions about your company according to the IRS, so you need an EIN:

  • Does your company have employees?
  • Will, your company, works as a corporation or as a partnership?
  • Do your company file either of these tax returns: Jobs, Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms (ATF) or Excise?
  • Does your company deduct income tax, rather than salaries, charged to an alien who is not a resident?
  • Would you have any plans for Keogh?

Another piece of parameters relates to the types of organizations associated with the business. When your small business includes trusts, properties, investment conduits for real estate mortgages, non-profit organizations, farmers’ cooperatives, or program managers, otherwise you are expected to have an EIN for your corporation.

How to Find Your Tax Identification Number

A forgotten or missing EIN is a frequent issue which small business owners can face just as individuals forget their W-2s. However, there is no accessible, searchable directory of EINs or companies where you can search for their federal tax identity number. Well, some ways can help you to trace your EIN down.

Check Your Documents

The very first thing to check is the tax returns beforehand. If you can not find those, check if you can identify any legal or financial papers relating to your company, such as approvals for loans, permits, certifications, or other paperwork on which your EIN will

possibly be posted. Search for IRS-related tax and tax records, both in the e-mail and postal mail. Generally, the IRS must give out your EIN request after you have asked for one.

Call The IRS

If other things don’t work and you can’t find your EIN on current records, contact the Business & Specialty Tax Line at 800-829-4933 to contact the IRS. Just make sure you dial 7 am between the hours. At 7:00 pm Central Clock Time. When your EIN has recently modified and may cause some old records worthless, you probably should contact the IRS.

How To Find Your Employer’s EIN

A massive increase in unemployment has hit the country, belonging to the coronavirus. And in some instances, you would need an EIN from your boss to apply for unemployment. You will do so in two ways if you wish to find a current or former employer’s EIN for one purpose or another:

Locate your W-2: The EIN for your boss resides in box b on your W-2 form. When you have previous tax history, this is the best way to locate the Id number of your boss. When you can’t find a hard copy of a W-2, search your software for tax filings, such as TurboTax, or any digital payroll reports you may have from firms like ADP.

Contact Your Employer: If, since you are an independent worker, you can not find your tax forms or do not have appropriate formats, the next move is to call your employer. Reach Departments in Accounts, Payroll, and HR. They’ll be in a situation to help you out immediately. When your corporation is a publicly-traded company, you will be able to view that available on the 10-K, a public report of the business. When the company has gone bankrupt, check online for documents from the federal court that could contain the EIN. If you want to find out more you can click here where you will be able to access all the information you need.